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The Invasion Of The Mutant Fruit - Free Invasion Games, Fruit Games, Online Games, Play Games
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Aqua Pro Racer - Water Racing Games
Aqua pro Rac ...
Ice Cold Chase -
Ice Cold Cha ...
Vulpin Adventures - Fox, Vulpin, Adventure, Flash
Vulpin Adven ...
Great Pyramid Robbery Player Pack - Adventure Games
Great Pyrami ...
Bloomo Submarine - Adventure Games
Bloomo Subma ...
Jetpack Jane - Adventure Games
Jetpack Jane
BrainZilla - Adventure Games
Zombie Punch - Adventure Games, Fighting Games
Zombie Punch
Mario And Princess - 2player Games, Adventure Games, Skill Games
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Trucksformers - Trucksformers Games, Tilty Games, Truck Games, Transform Games, Car Games

Join the trucksformers winning league and dominate all roads ahead. As you race away to the finish line, cross over all obstacles with your impressive big tires, transforming you truck into a wild road beast, ready to conquer the world. Make good use of your arrow keys, learn how to jump over bumps and when to speed up to get to the finish line in record time. Trucksformers rule the streets!

Shopping To Decorate - Skill Games

Spend the day in the outfit rooms as your shopping to decorate plans are looking brighter by each item you find in the clustered room. Help the DoliDoli friends find all the missing items and then help them decorate a lovely living room, to welcome their friends and guests. Shop, decorate and have fun in the colorful room, filled with glittering lamps, fancy shoes and modern furniture.

Truck Vendetta - Truck Games 2013, Free Truck Games, Online Truck Games, Truck, Games

As you embark on this fascinating truck vendetta adventure, drive over some rough terrains and off roads, proving you can keep your big car in shape, no mater the situation. Face the vengeance as you need to take out your enemies, standing tall and proud on your claimed road. Reach the finish line with record time and win the truck vendetta challenge.

Astronaut Toto - Skill Games, Games
How about some super fun with everyone's beloved puppy, Toto? Join astronaut Toto in today's adventure among galaxies and help him reach the stars. Using your skills to help Toto fly up in the sky, deliver the Dolidoli pup higher and higher, moving from one cloud to another until heaven is in reach. Skill games are Toto's specialty and he invites you all to join his challenges and rewarding adventures as well.

Adventure games

There sure is a reckless adventurer inside each one of us! Get in touch with yours, playing fun-filled, action-packed adventure games on our website. That’s right, bring out that fearless hero who’s always ready to explore alien planets, new fascinating worlds, to take all the risks needed for reaching a supreme, noble goal: saving the planet from mean robots or a group of archeologists, about to make some truly important discoveries for the entire humanity, from mean bandits going for their artifacts or even… helping Tarzan explore his home jungle on a… newly found bike. There’s no such thing as silly adventure, even if we’re talking about helping a tiny goat collect yummy, fresh fruities or… helping a clever larva build his dream helicopter. There are only engaging type of adventure games featuring an intense gameplay, levels of increasing difficulty and challenging tests to take. So, are you the new Indiana Jones around here? Then bring in your courage, add a few drops of pure insanity and embark on the adventure of your life!