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The Invasion Of The Mutant Fruit - Free Invasion Games, Fruit Games, Online Games, Play Games
The invasion ...
Aqua Pro Racer - Water Racing Games
Aqua pro Rac ...
Ice Cold Chase -
Ice Cold Cha ...
Vulpin Adventures - Fox, Vulpin, Adventure, Flash
Vulpin Adven ...
Great Pyramid Robbery Player Pack - Adventure Games
Great Pyrami ...
Bloomo Submarine - Adventure Games
Bloomo Subma ...
Jetpack Jane - Adventure Games
Jetpack Jane
BrainZilla - Adventure Games
Zombie Punch - Adventure Games, Fighting Games
Zombie Punch
Mario And Princess - 2player Games, Adventure Games, Skill Games
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Deus Racer - Race Games, Cars Games, Boy Games, Game Games, Shooter Games, Action Games
Put your God-like driving powers to a test. Play the deus racer game and see if you've got what it takes to become the absolute champion in this fearless competition. Become as fast as a lighting and powerful as a Grecian deus racer, crossing the finish line first. Brake records and blast everyone standing in your way to success, conquering all cool boy games online!
Extreme FirePower - Shooting Games, Online Games, Play Shooting Games

If you like action movies were there are a lot pf explosions a lot of shooting and a lot of shooting this game is perfect for you, once you have started to play Extreme FirePower you won't be able to stop, not until you get rid of the evil doctor who terorises the world. Playing this shooting game is the perfect way to let out all the stress and anger in a virtual world were anything is possible

Wedding Bells - Girl Wedding Games, Girl Games, Wedding Games, Games, Online
Step inside a wonderful magical place, where the wedding bells are angel clinging, announcing a fashionable bride to come to the altar. Fashion up yourself, practicing with the wonderful wedding dresses lined up for you today and dress-up the stylish bride for the most important day of her life. Accessorize her up and wait for the wedding bells to announce her fashionable entrance.
Heat The Road 3D - Hot Car Games, Car Games, Online Games, Free Games

Jump on top of a powerful motorbike as you heat the road with impressive high speeds, on these roads that lead to succes. Have fun while you win the fast race, making sure you learn how to master handle your arrow keys to keep your motobike stable on the road. As you hear the road up with your adrenaline pumping super speeds, feel the taste of freedom in our cool biking games online.

Adventure games

There sure is a reckless adventurer inside each one of us! Get in touch with yours, playing fun-filled, action-packed adventure games on our website. That’s right, bring out that fearless hero who’s always ready to explore alien planets, new fascinating worlds, to take all the risks needed for reaching a supreme, noble goal: saving the planet from mean robots or a group of archeologists, about to make some truly important discoveries for the entire humanity, from mean bandits going for their artifacts or even… helping Tarzan explore his home jungle on a… newly found bike. There’s no such thing as silly adventure, even if we’re talking about helping a tiny goat collect yummy, fresh fruities or… helping a clever larva build his dream helicopter. There are only engaging type of adventure games featuring an intense gameplay, levels of increasing difficulty and challenging tests to take. So, are you the new Indiana Jones around here? Then bring in your courage, add a few drops of pure insanity and embark on the adventure of your life!