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Extreme FirePower - Shooting Games, Online Games, Play Shooting Games

If you like action movies were there are a lot pf explosions a lot of shooting and a lot of shooting this game is perfect for you, once you have started to play Extreme FirePower you won't be able to stop, not until you get rid of the evil doctor who terorises the world. Playing this shooting game is the perfect way to let out all the stress and anger in a virtual world were anything is possible

Wedding Bells - Girl Wedding Games, Girl Games, Wedding Games, Games, Online
Step inside a wonderful magical place, where the wedding bells are angel clinging, announcing a fashionable bride to come to the altar. Fashion up yourself, practicing with the wonderful wedding dresses lined up for you today and dress-up the stylish bride for the most important day of her life. Accessorize her up and wait for the wedding bells to announce her fashionable entrance.
Police Highway Patrol - Highway Car Games, Highway Games, Police Games, Games

Join the police highway patrol in its mission across the roads to clear them up of bad guys and re-establish the silence around the city. Race like a professional, taking out the those target cars that need to be held in police custody and do your job like a professional. Police highway patrol games are not only fast-pasted but skill-based, giving you purpose and entertainment at the same time.

Trucksformers - Trucksformers Games, Tilty Games, Truck Games, Transform Games, Car Games

Join the trucksformers winning league and dominate all roads ahead. As you race away to the finish line, cross over all obstacles with your impressive big tires, transforming you truck into a wild road beast, ready to conquer the world. Make good use of your arrow keys, learn how to jump over bumps and when to speed up to get to the finish line in record time. Trucksformers rule the streets!

Arcade games

Are you still longing for those once so very popular, old-school games, the “pioneers” of today's far more complex computer games? Well, we’ve decide to bring in that nostalgia and add the novelty factor, too, when we’ve selected all the fun arcade games that you can find in this category! You’ll get to relax playing the retro Mario games-inspired ones, you’ll experience pure joy while playing some of all those “vintage” games-inspired skills games, such as the the Save the Goons ones, or some old-school maze games like the Princess Pac game, or some types of “good old days” quest games like the Robin the Archer in Pixeland.

Help your on-screen character walk along, jump from and climb some tricky platforms, solve some mind-challenging puzzles, help him jump real high or move, with the speed of light, from left to right and make sure he'll reach all the goals set for him in each level. They may be old-fashion, but one thing is for sure: high quality online arcade games, and you have them all right here, will never grow updated!