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Samurai Sam
Dungeons Of Battles - Fighting Games
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Bomber Wings
Zombie Punch - Adventure Games, Fighting Games
Zombie Punch
Black Fist - Adventure Games, Superhero Games, Fighting Games
Black Fist
Samurai Heart 2 - Ninja Games, Adventure Games, Fighting Games
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Black Beast Operation - Shooter Games, Fighting Games, Strategy Games
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Ben 10 Mass Attack - Ben10 Games, Fighting Games, Shooting Games
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Decorate My Mushroom House - Decoration Games

As you learn to decorate my mushroom house, you will discover how cute some of the mushroom details can be! Enjoy the lively colors, the cute accessories and the funky mushroom patterns you can add to your little house. Place some cool windows, fairy tail-like mushroom hats and some red polka dots to complete the image. Enjoy the results of your decorating master technique!

Shopping To Decorate - Skill Games

Spend the day in the outfit rooms as your shopping to decorate plans are looking brighter by each item you find in the clustered room. Help the DoliDoli friends find all the missing items and then help them decorate a lovely living room, to welcome their friends and guests. Shop, decorate and have fun in the colorful room, filled with glittering lamps, fancy shoes and modern furniture.

My Girly Chic Dressing Room - Decoration Games

Check out my girly chic dressing room and spend the afternoon customizing the lovely boudoir , perfect for any cute lady. Imagine you are a lovely princess and all of these outfits and make-up corners of the room are yours to personalize to your own liking. Decorate it in the colors you love most and add only items that will add to the girly feel of the lovely fairy-tail room.  

Leggy Frog - Chilly Winter Games, Frog Games, Free Games, Online Games

Hop on the green adventure and see how cute the leggy frog can be. He is fashionable too, loving some cute and colorful hats, accessories and shoes. Give him a total make-over, pampering and styling him up with your great taste for clothes. Animal dress up games are most of the times adorable, with lovely cute pups and stylish clothes to customize their looks. So have a great fashion time with the leggy frog and be a green froggy fashionista!

Fighting games

It’s time to get honest with yourself and admit it: you, too, have a guilty addiction for fighting games! It’s no use in denying it: you, too, envy those powerful boxers/martial art or mortal combat fighters who know no fear, who are ready to face any kind of hurtful danger, any kind of powerful enemy! Well, what if you had the chance to get much more active than a viewer from the audience and much more protected from any real danger than the fighters in the arena? It’s easy, you simply lay back in your comfy chair and enjoy the adrenaline-loaded fighting games that our team has selected for you! You’ll transpose yourself into the body of a tricky, invincible ninja, you will be exercising your boxing technique with absolutely no risk involved, you will be helping out some of your favorite cartoon characters come out as winners from fierce combats with other famous characters, you will be putting your Kung fu fighting skills to a test confronting opponents in some quite brutal fighting session and so on. Enjoy!