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Samurai Sam and his super skills are inviting you to join his quest to the end of the world, chasing victory and glory. Do some incredible stunts up in the air and continue the journey of the legendary Samurai Sam. Fast, agile and attentive to the obstacles on the road, you need to focus on your track ahead, making the most out of all quest games you can find and enjoy over the internet.

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Spend the day in the outfit rooms as your shopping to decorate plans are looking brighter by each item you find in the clustered room. Help the DoliDoli friends find all the missing items and then help them decorate a lovely living room, to welcome their friends and guests. Shop, decorate and have fun in the colorful room, filled with glittering lamps, fancy shoes and modern furniture.

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If you're into the mood for some cool ball games, here's the adventure for you, getting you ready to bounce a smile! Move your mouse across the screen to balance back the smiling ball into the other side of the court and manage not to let it drop. Bounce a smile and score big time in this fun skillful game, perfect for some relaxation moments. Brake time records as well as speed ones, being the best smile bouncer in the gaming industry!
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Hop on the green adventure and see how cute the leggy frog can be. He is fashionable too, loving some cute and colorful hats, accessories and shoes. Give him a total make-over, pampering and styling him up with your great taste for clothes. Animal dress up games are most of the times adorable, with lovely cute pups and stylish clothes to customize their looks. So have a great fashion time with the leggy frog and be a green froggy fashionista!

Football games

Who knows, maybe you used to be a football superstar in… your past life! There’s just one way to find out: responding to all the challenges right there, on the online field, playing cool football games on our website! Whether you prefer the european or the American football or both, you’ll get your chances to score touchdowns, to throw passes to tour teammates, to give some amazing free kicks that will make the audience grow simply ecstatic, to score goals, knock down your opponents and so on and do all that without the slightest risk of getting hurt (a big plus compared to real-life football matches). We are some football freaks ourselves, too, you know, so you should have no doubt: from realistic to cartoon football games, from top view to front view games, from soccer to fussball, you will find all the most engaging football games to test your skills as a quarterback, a goalkeeper, a running back or a wide receiver!