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Samurai Sam

If there's no great samurai warrior hiding inside you, one with amazing sword handling skills and an almost intimidating courage to face all dangers, I bet that at least there is one great... runner somewhere inside you! Well, bring it out to the surface, for once you decide to join Samurai Sam here on his thrilling, adrenaline-rising adventure through the dark, dangers-filled kingdom of feudal Japan, you will be transposing yourself into the on-screen hero and you will be counting mostly on your running skills and great reaction times, you know!

3,2, 1.. go! The moment you click the “Play” button, the on-screen samurai will start running like a true a madman. This is one of the most fast-paced, most challenging free running games online, after all! It's your job to keep him safe from all those dangerous precipices there, to help him jump from one platform to another. While he's determined to reach extreme speed, your reaction times will be challenged to the maximum. Rely on your up arrow key and help him jump safely onto the next platform and do that while keeping in mind which is your main goal: collecting as many upgrades as you can during this high-speed, mortal run! Besides the omnipresent danger of falling into one of those precipices, his mad race could be stopped at any time by one of those dark samurai enemies popping up all of a sudden, ready to stab him in cold blood. Keep in mind to read the game's tutorial and learn all about the upgrades that you could gain and use during this extreme samurai adventure, for they will help Samurai Sam grab those platforms and pull himself up or reduce his weight so that he could fall slower and so on.

Enough talking now and more... running! If you're into free running games and if you've always had your “guilty fascination” with cool samurais, Samurai Sam makes the perfect “blend” for you!

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