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Station Wagun

Well, it seems like you’re all alone in what looks like an abandoned stone quarry with nothing but a powerful, fierce station wagun at your disposal! Do not despair, don’t let the hostile environment discourage you, jump behind the wheel of your massive military truck, equipped with a highly helpful machine gun and… do your best to “tame” it, making it climb those huge boulders and suspended platforms on your way out of here!

Now, for spicing up your adventure in this totally unfriendly stone quarry, I should let you know that there are some… explosive barrels, scattered along the circuit, all the way to the… finish line. Don’t they make some great adrenaline boosters? Luckily, your powerful off-road truck comes upgraded with a fire gun that you get to use for destroying these obstacles before you accidentally drive over them and make them explode under your tiers! You’ll no doubt agree that this is one of the most addicting online monster truck games you’ve ever tried!

Therefore, while cautiously driving your station wagun along the bumpy, obstacles-covered rocky track, throughout the 5 adrenaline-overloaded levels, expect to get your reaction times challenged big time, for you’ll simultaneously have to use the keys indicated in the game’s instructions for skilfully aiming and firing your machine gun, too! Don’t expect it to be easy, for keeping your fierce monster truck balanced, while jumping from one high platform to another, from one huge boulder to another and making it land safely on all its four oversized wheels will surely be no piece of cake! If, to this major dare, you add the “danger” factor, too, given by all those explosive barrels that could blow up station wagun in an instant, you’ll get THE ultimate test for an online monster truck games addict like you!

If you’re not intimidated by the perspective of such a challenge, then don’t waste any more time and take the dare: play Station Wagun!

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