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The Tractor Factor

Do you think that living at the countryside is all about the chirruping birds in the trees, the buzzing bees on the flowers, the horses in their stables and the fluffy sheep serenely eating their grass on the prairies? No sir, it implies a lot of hard work and some... truck driving skills as well, definitely! Convince yourself of that playing the tractor factor game!

So, here you are now: a farmer on his way to the neighboring farm looking for an honest job! It may sound like a piece of cake, just another common day at the countryside but... it isn't! The hill that you'll need to cross to get there is nothing like a city road or a standard highway! It's an off-road bumpy track that will challenge your skills as a tractor driver big time! Therefore, don't expect the mission in this game to be as plain easy and as... boring as the ones featured in other free tractor games that you might have already tried! Use the arrow keys as indicated to you in the instructions screen and learn to control your little tractor over all those rocks, logs scattered along the track and high bumps in the terrain. Keep it well balanced, on all its four massive tires, help it climb all the obstacles, make sure you're accelerating enough, for you don’t want to get there somewhere around dawn, but cautiously handle the speed, for a single moment where you forget to redress you tractor will be enough for it to fall on its back.

Things get more and more challenging in the levels to come (and there are 8 challenging levels for you to prove your driving skills in) for you'll have to safely carry loads of... sheep and pigs to their due destination, this is your new job! Not only that you'll need to keep a close eye on the challenging, bumpy track, but you need have to double it, for you're now responsible of the fragile load as well. How's that for a truly demanding, probably one of the most demanding free tractor games you've ever played? Drive cautiously, drive smoothly, for a too brutal brake, a too speedy slide down a tricky slope might lead to some of those cute farm animals falling from your trailer and.. you surely don't want that.

Now, it's time to actually take the dare and prove that you can handle even one of the top challenging free tractor game available online!

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