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Batman Sniper - Hiddenobject Games, Find Games, Sniper Games
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Joe The Sniper - Sniper Games, Shooting Games, Shooter Games
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Agent B10 2 - Sniper Games,gun Games,guns Games,fighting Games,killing Games,blood Games,stick Games
Agent B10 2
Tribe Sniper - Shooting Game Games, Adventure Games, Sniper Games, Skill Games
Tribe Sniper
Zombies Sniper - Sniper Games, Point And Click Games, Zombies Games, Photo Hunt Games
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Head Shot - Gangster Games,sniper Games,head Games,shot Games,head Shot Games,gun Games,shooter Games,shooting Games
Head Shot
Killing Grounds - Shooter Games,shooting Games,killing Games,grounds Games,killing Grounds Games,shoot Games,gun Games,guns Games,boy Games,swat Games,army Games,police Games,sniper Games,stealth Games
Killing Grou ...
Counter Kill - Shooting Games, Gun Games, Sniper Games
Counter Kill
Splinter Cell: The Search For Sam Fisher - Tom Clancy Games, Splinter Cell Games, Splinter Cell Conviction Games, Sam Fisher Games, Coste Games, 3rd Echelon Games, Tank Games, Sniper Games, SWAT Games, Helicopter Games, Spy Games, Interrogatio
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Terrorist Sniper - Shoting Action Sniper Kill Terrorist Games
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Astronaut Toto - Skill Games, Games
How about some super fun with everyone's beloved puppy, Toto? Join astronaut Toto in today's adventure among galaxies and help him reach the stars. Using your skills to help Toto fly up in the sky, deliver the Dolidoli pup higher and higher, moving from one cloud to another until heaven is in reach. Skill games are Toto's specialty and he invites you all to join his challenges and rewarding adventures as well.
Trucksformers - Trucksformers Games, Tilty Games, Truck Games, Transform Games, Car Games

Join the trucksformers winning league and dominate all roads ahead. As you race away to the finish line, cross over all obstacles with your impressive big tires, transforming you truck into a wild road beast, ready to conquer the world. Make good use of your arrow keys, learn how to jump over bumps and when to speed up to get to the finish line in record time. Trucksformers rule the streets!

Heat The Road 3D - Hot Car Games, Car Games, Online Games, Free Games

Jump on top of a powerful motorbike as you heat the road with impressive high speeds, on these roads that lead to succes. Have fun while you win the fast race, making sure you learn how to master handle your arrow keys to keep your motobike stable on the road. As you hear the road up with your adrenaline pumping super speeds, feel the taste of freedom in our cool biking games online.

Police Highway Patrol - Highway Car Games, Highway Games, Police Games, Games

Join the police highway patrol in its mission across the roads to clear them up of bad guys and re-establish the silence around the city. Race like a professional, taking out the those target cars that need to be held in police custody and do your job like a professional. Police highway patrol games are not only fast-pasted but skill-based, giving you purpose and entertainment at the same time.

Sniper games

Let me guess: you, too, used/ use to imagine yourself as a cool secret agent, a sort of classy James Bond, one with gifted with (besides drop-dead gorgeous looks) incredible sniper skills! Your secret is safe with us and, even more, while on you can indulge yourself in all those undercover spy or secret agent fantasies of yours playing some of our most challenging sniper games. You’ll get your chance to wear your army uniform and take down cold-heart terrorists relying on your shooting skills, on your accuracy and great reaction times only, while using that on-screen screen scope lens like a true professional and you will surely have your chance to wear one of those secret agent smart-looking black suits and complete all those top secret mission which imply eliminating major enemies of the state. If you’re looking for sniper games with the a high doze of fun added, too, try the Monkey Freaks or the Marksmanship. Have fun!