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Extreme FirePower - Shooting Games, Online Games, Play Shooting Games

If you like action movies were there are a lot pf explosions a lot of shooting and a lot of shooting this game is perfect for you, once you have started to play Extreme FirePower you won't be able to stop, not until you get rid of the evil doctor who terorises the world. Playing this shooting game is the perfect way to let out all the stress and anger in a virtual world were anything is possible

Montagne Russe Biking - Montagne Russe Games, Free Bike Games, Online Games, Play Games
Mix the adrenaline of a Montaigne-russe with some motor sports and you've got yourself a mountain russe biking fun experience. Swirl up in the air as you gear up in your cool motorbike and do some stunts on your way landing back up on the road. Win challenge after challenge and prove biking flash games online are your specialty, scoring big points as well as many bonus lives and money too!
Police Highway Patrol - Highway Car Games, Highway Games, Police Games, Games

Join the police highway patrol in its mission across the roads to clear them up of bad guys and re-establish the silence around the city. Race like a professional, taking out the those target cars that need to be held in police custody and do your job like a professional. Police highway patrol games are not only fast-pasted but skill-based, giving you purpose and entertainment at the same time.

24/7 Adrenaline - Car Games, Drive Games, Drift Games, Race Games, Racing Games

Racing games are some of the most played online games,because everybody likes to feel the adrenaline pomping at high speeds. One of the greatest such games is 24/7 Adrenaline, when you start playing this game you can choose one of the latest supercars making this game the perfect way to test them and see what they can do on a racing track without having to worry if you crash them.

Tower Defence games

If you find sports games too… rudimentary for your needs and car games too… basic for your expectations, I bet you’re one of those players who loves using his brains for building up strategies, like in chess, for thinking through each and every one of your moves, each one of your pawns' positions on the screen… then you must be a tower defense games-addict! Well, you’re on the right website and you’ve landed on the perfect category on our site, too. We’re ready to greet “picky” players who love having their brains challenged, like you, with some of the most challenging tower defense games that we’ve found online. You will be turning back the hands of time and, using your mind, proving your skill as a brilliant strategist, you will be able to defend your ancient kingdom from cruel enemies, then you will be taking an intergalactic journey and use your skills for building up the perfect defense strategy for protecting our solar system and… you will have your chance to save our plant from alien invaders, too.