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Mina's Restaurant Training - Management Games

Mina is the master chef today, hoping to teach you a thing or two on how to run this fancy place. Mina's restaurant training classes start as soon as you hit the play button, so pay attention to all the details, all the customers' orders and even on how to cash in some profit. Soon enough you will master this management game that promises to be a great challenge and a great source of fun.  

Slippery Fun Parking - Winter Parking Games, Slippery Parking, Onlien Parking

Prove your professional driver's skills as you enjoy this slippery fun parking game. Master handle your arrow keys to gently glide the car into the right parking spot and impress everyone with your perfect parking skills. Make sure not to scratch your car while delivering the car, since the road is slippery and accidents may occur. Also, try to do complete levels in record time to cash on some parking games bonus points!

My Girly Chic Dressing Room - Decoration Games

Check out my girly chic dressing room and spend the afternoon customizing the lovely boudoir , perfect for any cute lady. Imagine you are a lovely princess and all of these outfits and make-up corners of the room are yours to personalize to your own liking. Decorate it in the colors you love most and add only items that will add to the girly feel of the lovely fairy-tail room.  

Canyon Parking - Best Parking Games, Online Parking Games, Parking, Games, Online

Discover a mountain-friendly adventure as you learn the canyon parking techniques. Do a perfect parking trick as you gently glide the car on the edge of the mountains and straight into its spot. Canyon parking games are some of the most tricky parking challenges, since the roads are narrow and steep and the adrenaline is quickly rising on the edge of cliffs. But you can do a perfect canyon parking, can't you?

Train games

I bet you’ve already traveled by train lots of times, but that does not count: how many times have you actually found yourself inside a locomotive, at least, if you haven't got the chance to literally control a train before? Well, let me tell you that the train games carefully selected and listed in this category here not only that will allow you to walk into the shoes of a train mechanic, but to actually test your limits as a locomotive engineer. I mean it! It’s going to be far more challenging than any real-life train journey you might have taken! It makes no difference whether you’ll be driving a tiny chu chu toy train, like in Go Go Train HD game, or a truly realistically designed high speed train, the routes you’ll be taking are going to be equally tricky, challenging, covered with all sorts of obstacles such as high platforms to climb or risky curves to take or even other speedy trains that you might bump into. Curious to see whether you can actually control and keep heavy locomotives and lots of wagons, too, on the railway with a few simple mouse or keyboard clicks? Then the train games gathered for you here will make the ultimate tests for you! Metadescription: